Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question regarding our heating solutions, your answer may well be found here. If you do not see the answer you require listed here, get in touch and we will endeavour to meet your request at the best possible price.
I have a Redring Dual Heat electric boiler and have been told that I need to change it. Is there a boiler that can replace it which is similar?

There is one boiler on the market that can truly replace the Dual Heat due tot he complexity of the economy 2000 meter. This is the Thermaflow electric combi boiler.

How long will an installation take?

A straight forward boiler change in the same location takes a full day but a full system with radiators or a change of location can take up to 2 full working days.

Do you remove the old system I have (storage & boiler systems) as part of the job?

Yes we will remove the old system and take away the debris to the local landfill site.

I see the Thermaflow operates On the Scottish Power economy 2000 tariff, do I have to change?

To get the lowest possible running costs for this boiler you would need to change your suppy to Scottish Power. This supplier provides the most amount of off peak electricity to enable this boiler to recharge throughout the day as well as night.

I am already a Scottish Power customer but don't have the 2000 meter, how do I go about getting this installed?

Don't worry you do not need to do anything. We are registered & Authorised Thermaflow installers who are recognised as such by Scottish Power. This allows us to apply for the correct meter for you and arrange the installation at a time convenient to you. Normally we can get the meter installed within 28 days and often on the day we come to fit the system.

I am not a Scottish Power customer, do I have to contact them to change and how long with this take?

The initial stage of the process, which is setting up your account will have to be done by you. Once you have received confirmation in writing that you are now customer we can start the process of getting the meter installed on your behalf. The setting up of the account can take up to 28 days and so can requesting the meter, it depends on Scottish Power's workload at that time. However, we always endeavour to get the meter installed on the same day as the boiler gets fitted.

I have a solid fuel system fitted and want it removed, can I keep the existing pipework and radiators and get the Thermaflow boiler installed?

Yes provided that the heating system is less than 20 years old. In addition to this we would recommend that a Magna clean system is installed to make sure there is no sludge and debris in the system.Over time older radiators corrode from the inside and create small particles and sludge that attack the meter and would cause problems for any new boiler that is added to this sealed system.