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Quantum Storage Heater

We offer a full supply and installation service on all types of storage heaters to homes or offices. We have Dimplex, storage heaters available to be installed.

Designed and developed by Dimplex’s own in-house team of experts and manufactured in the UK, Quantum is up to 27% cheaper to run and uses 22% less energy than comparable storage heater systems*.

"As an installer, the Quantum heater is really well designed and all the details have obviously been thought through to ensure we can fit the heaters safely and with minimal hassle. I like the fact that the Quantum just feels really solid and substantial which gives you confidence that it's a quality job and it won't let you down."

Quantum is unique!

The Building Research Establishment created a new category of ' High heat retention storage heaters' under category 7 ELECTRIC STORAGE HEATERS in SAP2012 version 9092 (October 2013) after assessing the specification of the Quantum. To date, Quantum is the only electric storage heater which meets the requirements of this category.

*Calculated using SAP2012 - the only Government approved energy performance assessment method.


  • Uses off-peak tariffs for low running costs - on a room-by-room basis it is expected that 90% of the heating requirement will be met by off-peakp>

  • Up to 27% cheaper to run than standard storage heater system* and up to 47% cheaper to run than an electric convector or radiator system. Click here for more dp>

  • Automatically adjusts to the user's needs through its dynamic storage cp>

  • Fitted with our revolutionary iQ controller which enables heating requirements to be pp>

  • Precisely matches the user's chosen heating profile

  • Easy-to-use, electronic user interface with LCD display complete with:

  • Room temperature setting

  • Seven-day programmer

  • Installer settings

  • Designed to operate on any off-peak tariff

  • Fan-assisted output for extremely rapid heat-up time

  • Soft-start, ultra quiet fan for minimum intrusion